Lumber River Adventure

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Lumber River Adventure: The Lumber River was known to the Indians as Lumbee (thought to be an Indian word for black water). The Lumber River meanders approximately 136 miles through the southwestern part of the state, flowing over a sandy bottom and through beautiful cypress swamps. In 1989, the river was designated as a NC Natural & Scenic River by the state and later received the National Wild and Scenic River in two different sections. Lumber River State Park has numerous paddles in only camping areas along the river, allowing for continuous multiple day paddle trips. The Lumber River is rivaled by few rivers in North Carolina for its natural beauty.
Wildlife along the Lumber River is abundant. Most of the animals along the river are common to eastern hardwood forests and swamps. You may see whitetail deer, raccoon, beaver, mink, turkey, river otters ducks egrets, otters and more. However, there are several notable rare and endangered animal species within the river system. The alligator is foremost among these; the alligator is rare this far north and west from the coastal waters.

The forest around the Lumber River valley is largely a second-growth oak-cypress-gum swamp forest of the blackwater subtype. The major of the trees that you will see are cypress, tupelo, red gum, black gum, and water oak. You will also see scattered throughout the forest river birch, water elm, red maple, yellow poplar and red and silver maple. There are some higher sandy locations along the river where loblolly pine and long leaf pine grow.

So, plan your next adventure on this magnificent gem of a river

Full day and overnight adventures possible

Adventure Cost:

  • Single Person: $200 per person
  • Group of 2-5 Persons: $90 per person
  • Group of 6-10 Persons: $70 per person
  • Overnight Trips: From $135 per person per day