Birder Kayaking Adventures

DCIM100GOPRO Oyster Catcher

Mahanaim Adventures offers Birder a unique kayaking adventure that is focused on getting you to birding hot spots that are only accessible by kayak.  Our experienced kayak & birding guides know all the local hot spots for birding in the Cape Fear area.  Our goal is to help you spot those elusive coastal and migratory birds on your birding list.   We provide all the guides, kayaks, paddles and safety gear.  We provide both single and tandem kayaks that provide you a stable platform on the water so you can enjoy watching all of those beautiful birds.  Most of our kayaking locations are identified on the NC Birding Trail, however we do have some locations that are off the beaten path for most birders.  Our locations for our guided birding/kayaking adventure are the Fort Fisher Basin, Zeke’s Island Reserve, Masonboro Island, and Carolina Beach State Park, Town Creek, Moores Creek National Battlefield, Holly Shelter Creek and the Black River.

Bird Species likely to be seen: brown pelican, anhinga, double-crested cormorant, American bittern, great egret, snowy egret, little blue heron, tricolor heron, black-crowned night-heron, green heron, white ibis, glossy ibis, canvasback, ruddy duck, osprey, bald eagle, wild turkey, clapper rail, common moorhen, American oyster catcher, America avocet, greater yellowlegs, lesser yellowlegs, willet, ruddy turnstone, sanderling, long billed dowitcher, gulls, black skimmers, royal tern, sandwich tern, common tern, least tern, bard owls, great horned owls and more.

We also understand that serious birders like yourself like an early start to your big birding day, so we accustom to getting an early start for you.  However we do require advanced reservation for your special adventure.

  • Adventure Specifics:
    • Adventure Length:      3 to 4 hours each
    • Price:
      • 2 to 4 Birders:             $70 per person
      • 5 to 8 Birders:             $60 per person
      • 9 + Birders:                 $55 per person

Also, ask about our special Birding Group Package for your birder club.