Veterans and Wounded Warrior Adventures!

Almost five years ago our oldest daughter, Hillary, married a fantastic young man named Josh Coalson.  When they met, Josh was an active duty Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune. He was also preparing for deployment to Afghanistan.  Josh spent 11 months in Afghanistan before returning home to Hillary and our family; what a memorable day that was when Josh came home safely.

The day we met Josh, began our learning not just about him, but also about the men and women who currently serve and have served our county in the armed forces.  Since then our home has become a rest stop for many of the men that Josh served with in the U.S. Marine Corps.  For Diane and me, this experience has been a joyful and fun time.  We have gotten to know many fine young men that Josh served with.  To be honest, some of the young men have come to see my wife as their second mom and our home as a home away from home!  For us, it has been a joy to open our home to these men to enjoy some down time and good home cooking.

Because of our experiences opening our home up to Josh’s Marine buddies, we have wanted to find ways to give back to them in a bigger way.  With this in mind, we have started using our business, Mahanaim Adventures in a large way.  We take great pleasure and pride in our work with the Wounded Warrior Project and other veterans groups to provide kayaking and camping adventures for our active duty military, veterans and their families.  Whether it is a half-day or full day kayaking adventure for you and your military buddies or if you are looking for something for you and your family to do together, contact us at 910-547-8252 or at   It would be an honor and a privilege to custom design an adventure for you to reconnect with the ones that you love.

A wounded warrior having fun on the river

Just one of the guys from the WWP having some fun kayaking!


The warriors on the river

A group of Wounded Warriors from Fort Bragg, NC