Black River/Three Sisters Swamp Kayaking

Three Sisters Swamp Kayaking – Embark on an extraordinary journey to paddle through the enchanting Three Sisters Swamp, home to the world’s 5th oldest stand of trees, with some exceeding 3000 years in age. Towering bald cypress trees, large enough for four grown men to encircle, grace this remote and renowned section of the Black River—a must for explorer of all ages. Explore this ancient swamp and the Black River’s sandbars and wildlife on your 7 hour adventure. Remember, this is a full day adventure, so plan on bring a lunch to enjoy in the ancient swamp!

(Beattys Bridge Road to Hunts Bluff)
Full Day /12 mile float to see 2500+ years old bald cypress trees.
(a fun challange when water is low). 
Cost per person: $125 / Plus $8 Launch fee

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Three Sisters Swamp Kayaking