Can You Save Yourself?

I have written about this subject several times over the past years in our blogs.  Often when setting up for our kayaking adventures, it is hard not to ask different people at the kayak launch if they know what they are doing or not?  When we do, I often get a silly look or simply no response at all.  The simple matter of fact is that we witness lots of people go kayaking (or any other adventure) and they just are not prepared for all that can go wrong.   Twice this week, we had kayaking adventures that we canceled due to high winds (Small Craft Advisories) on the water.  As we were putting up our gear, both times we witnessed different persons or groups heading out into rough waters. 

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Questions to ask yourself before you take off kayaking:

These are all important things to consider before you strike out on any adventure.  Being able to properly answer these questions can mean life or death if you are not prepared.  I know of other kayaking adventure businesses that once to twice a summer, save someone from a really bad situation and even drowning.  Bad things can happen quickly and if not prepared, things could turn out really bad for you. 

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