The Water

When you think of kayaking what first comes to mind? The kayak, the water or the paddle. Well, many may think of the water or the body of water in which you’re kayaking in such as the Black River, Cape Fear River, or Rice Creek which we all guide on. For some people, water is scary due to the worries of drowning or damage to their phones. We prevent the likelihood of drowning by wearing a PFD (lifejacket) and asking you to stay with your kayak if anything happens. For the kayak is designed with flotation gear built into it so that it will not sink. One of our cheesy sayings is “if you stay with your kayak, you’ll make it back because we need it for the kayak next day.”, which has held true so far.

While the water can be dangerous and unpredictable at times, its filled with many beautiful animals such as dolphins, turtles, alligators, fish and crabs. Which can’t be explored unless on the water. There’s a quote for surfing which applies to kayaking it says,” Surfing neither takes or adds to nature but simply allows you to live in the moment and take it in.” This is exactly the experience you get while paddling with Mahanaim Adventures. One of the best example I can think of is the Three Sisters Swamp trip for it is only accessible by kayak or canoe. The ability to get out on the water and see these beautiful sights and make memories that’ll last a lifetime all while having no negative impact on the area is very rewarding as a guide.

I’m grateful for the opportunities the water has provide me and hope you can enjoy it the same. So, remember go explore and create memories for struggles come and go but the memories you make last forever. Thank you for reading, see you on the water. – Grayson Harris