Sharks Tooth Island / Cape Fear River

Cape Fear River: The Cape Fear River is named for the dangerous Cape Fear shoals off of Bald Head Island, near the mouth of the river. The Italian explorer Verrazzano, back by the French government, was sent to discover the westward passage to Asia, came to the lower Cape Fear in 1524. Also, the Cape Fear is the only large river in North Carolina flowing directly into the Atlantic.

The lower Cape Fear River is another popular adventure location due to in close proximity to the area beaches. The Cape Fear is rich in wildlife (brown pelicans, egrets, herons, gules, dolphins and more) with both a tidal influence and fresh water influence from further up stream.

There are numerous islands in the river that offer opportunities for exploring and enjoying a nice picnic lunch.  Also, Sharks Tooth Island is a popular adventure for many small groups, Scout Group and especially for families who have children that are looking for adventure.  You can spend hours at Sharks Tooth Island looking for prehistoric sharks teeth and fossils along the shore of the island at low tide.  Who knows, you may enjoy a good treasure hunt now and then.

Half day adventures only

  • River Road Park: Paddle out and back, exploring both Keg Island, Shark’s Tooth Island and creeks that flow into the Cape Fear.

Adventure Cost:

  • Half Day / $60.00 perperson

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