Moores Creek

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Moores Creek: Moores Creek begins northwest Wilmington and flow south passing Moores Creek National Battlefield. Moores Creek National Battlefield is an 88 acre park that commemorates the battle between Patriots and Loyalist militia on February 27, 1776. This battle was the first major victory for the Patriots and led to Cornwallis withdrawal from North Carolina later that same year.

Moores Creek is a beautiful slow moving black water creek that flows into the Black River. The slow moving creek offers the first and even experienced kayakers a chance to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing half-day adventure. The creek meanders though hardwood and cypress swamp forests with lots of shaded overhanging trees, allowing for plenty of shade along the creek. Like most coastal creeks and rivers, you will have the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife. This is a 7 miles adventure that is out and back. The 3 to 3.5 hour paddle makes this a perfect family adventure.

Half day out and back adventures only

Adventure Cost:

  • Half Day / Single Person: $110
  • Half Day / Group of 2-5 Persons: $55 per person
  • Half Day / Group of 6-10 Persons: $45 per person
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